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In order to implement the Gandhidham – Palanpur project line, KRC has entered into various agreements with the Stakeholders, Ministry of Railways, Western Railways and with the Bankers. A brief summary of all the agreements are indicated below: -

  • A Memorandum of Understanding was entered into on 3rd January 2004 between GoG, KPT, MPSEZ and MoR for implementing Gauge Conversion Project of Gandhidham – Palanpur MG rail track through a SPV.
  • In order to take over the responsibility & funding for implementing the project, a Shareholders’ Agreement was entered into between RVNL, GoG, KPT, MPSEZ and KRC on 22nd April 2004.
  • Under the Construction Agreement signed between KRC and WR on 6th October 2005, the latter has been appointed as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction(EPC) Agency for the line and entrusted with the construction work.
  • Under the Concession Agreement entered into between MoR and KRC on 8th November 2005, the MoR has granted a concession to KRC for a period of 32 years to implement conversion of the existing MG line between Palanpur and Gandhidham into a BG line, and undertake its operation and maintenance during the period.
  • KRC had signed Loan documents & received debt from Orient Bank of Commerce and United Bank for ₹200 Crores and ₹100 Crores respectively for executing the PNU-GIM gauge conversion project from MG to BG in the year of 2005-06.
  • Further KRC obtained a bank debt of ₹1000 crore for funding the doubling works of Palanpur – Samakhiali project line in the year 2019-20 from Punjab National Bank.
  • Under the Operations and Maintenance Agreement entered into between KRC and WR on 21st August 2007, KRC has contracted with WR to operate the goods train services and undertake the maintenance work till the termination of the concession period.
  • For computation of operation & maintenance (O&M) costs, raising & realizing the bills and adjustments of apportioned Earnings on KRC section, a Joint Procedure Order (JPO) has been executed & signed between Western Railway & KRC on 11th December 2019.
  • For carrying out Doubling of Palanpur–Samakhiali line (248 km), a Construction Agreement was signed between KRC and RVNL on 13th August 2018, the latter has been appointed as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction(EPC) agency for executing doubling project.
  • For Electrification of Palanpur–Samakhiali double line (248 km), a Construction Agreement was signed between KRC and RVNL on 9th February 2021, the latter has been appointed as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction(EPC) agency for carrying out the Railway Electrification works on double line.
  • For Electrification of Samakhiali–Gandhidham single UP line (53 km), a Construction Agreement was entered into & signed between KRC and CORE (Railway Electrification/ Ministry of Railways) on 9th March 2021, and CORE was appointed for carrying out the Railway Electrification as deposit work.

1. Commissioning of Gauge Conversion Project (301 km)

KRC undertook gauge conversion of 301 km meter gauge line on Palanpur -Gandhidham section in two phases and a mega block of 247 kms was taken w.e.f. 16th December 2005: -

  • Gauge Conversion of Palanpur-Samakhiyali – 248 Rkm (under Phase I): After conversion, broad gauge line was commissioned on 24th March 2006 and opened for freight traffic by the Hon’ble Minister for Railways.
  • Gauge Conversion of Samakhiyali-Gandhidham – 53 RKM(under Phase II): Under second phase, remaining 53 km. rail line was converted into broad gauge, which was also commissioned for freight traffic w.e.f. 26th November 2006 by Hon’ble Minister of State for Railways.
  • Commencement of Commercial Operations Commercial operations on KRC section started w.e.f. 1st July’2006 vide Chief Commercial Manager/Western Railway’s letter No. G.392 /5(Comml) dated 26.6.2006.
2. Doubling of Palanpur-Samakhiyali line (248 RKM)

Doubling works of Palanpur-Samakhiali project line was executed in six packages and the section was successfully completed & commissioned by 24th February 2023 as per certificate issued by Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS)/Mumbai.

3. Railway Electrification of Palanpur-Samakhiyali-Gandhidham (301 RKM)

Palanpur - Samakhiali and Samakhiali - Gandhidham section were successfully commissioned by 24th March’2023 and 8th May’2023 respectively as per certificates issued by PCEE/W.Rly. in this regard.

  • Complete Track Renewal (CTR) works on KRC project line in phased manner,
  • Development of new Running Room at Bhildi Jn. as per requirements of Crew,
  • Interlocking (electronic) of L-xing gates,
  • Construction of ROB/RUB works,
  • Replacement & renewals of other assets & maintenance equipments on SPV project line,
  • Providing additional water way at Breaches locations & permanent restoration on SPV line.